Arhynn is a French/South African composer and pianist who divides her time between London and LA. She has written music for feature films, shorts, documentaries, the stage as well as for orchestra and a variety of solo instruments. Blending orchestral and electronic elements, she enjoys bringing different genres and styles together, creating a sound world unique to each project.

Arhynn is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. She has served on the film music jury for the Ivor Novello awards and the Polish Film Festival in LA, she has been awarded an LAFCI fellowship with the Oscar-nominated David Newman in LA, and has earned a Masters in Composition for Film and TV as well as diplomas in Piano. She has a chapter dedicated to her in the book It’s Simply Filmmaking: A Guide to Creating a Successful Career as a Female Filmmaker by Cali Gilbert.

Her credits include the recently-released Patriot: A Nation at War, the award-winning Nine Nights and an album entitled Postcards From A Pandemic, featuring solo musicians who recorded her music at home during lockdown. Upcoming projects include the feature film Quarantine Island.

When outside of her studio, Arhynn can frequently be found flying a small airplane somewhere in the blue sky.


Film composers are a special breed of artist. No matter how much money and time you have to make a film, you never have enough. Whether studio feature or micro budget, things may be fine in the beginning, but they never are in the end. Ever. A film is a sinking ship desperately trying to make it to shore. And it is right when things are at their most dire that the film composer must do her work. The best film composers are both talented and attuned to the pressures we producers are under. For our film, Arhynn was on deck at all times. She kept communication high, always met the deadlines, accepted the extreme challenges of last minute changes and tweaks without complaint, and never compromised our vision or her extreme talent. Talk about grace under pressure. She saved the film, as all great composers do, and was terrific to work with. We'll be hiring her again.

Michael Hayes, Prolific Studios, Patriot: A Nation At War

Arhynn is a talented, dedicated and creative composer with wonderful musicians at her disposal whenever she needs them. I had the pleasure of working with Arhynn on a feature film where she was given pretty much complete control of the creative output and I'm happy to say she did not disappoint, despite the tight deadlines. Arhynn provided music that perfectly fitted the picture, hit the different narrative points throughout and is also a narrative piece that stands alone as music. I would be delighted to recommend Arhynn's friendly, hard working style to others!

Rachel Gold, Producer, The Tombs

Arhynn is an amazingly intuitive and talented composer. She got what I was after straight away and delivered a beautifully memorable score for the film, which really elevates it. She's hard working and inventive and I enjoyed working with her. I look forward to the next project!

Veronica McKenzie, Director, Nine Nights

Arhynn doesn't realise how good she is, and this is a real strength in her work. She patiently and genuinely listened to what I was trying to achieve with the score. She guided the process with her experience, creativity, insightfulness and professionalism. The result was a score that far exceeded my vision of what it could be, bringing the film to life. It created another layer to the storytelling, guiding the viewers emotional journey in the way I hoped that it would. It was a privilege to work with Arhynn, and I would do so again without a second thought.

Andy Moody, Director and Producer, Forging the Dream

Arhynn is a force of nature—a fab creative to work with—she is driven, solution orientated and comes up with unique and inspirational suggestions to enhance your project. I have worked with her on two projects and intend to take her on the next one as well. HIRE HER!

Deepak Verma, Producer/Director, Mumbai Charlie

It's always a pleasure to work with Arhynn. A very respectful and resourceful lady who keeps to schedule and works within budget, especially where they are restrained on an indie film. Very happy to recommend Arhynn for film soundtracks or any compositions.

Phil Taylor, CEO Film Engine, Sea Of Lies

After my wife died of cancer a few years ago I wanted to try and make sense of her loss. As a film maker I decided to put together a very personal documentary film. As I wanted an original score I looked for a composer who would be sensitive to the particular material. I discovered Arhynn. We talked at length about life and death and dealing with them both. I liked the way she really endeavoured to get into the real heart and soul of the film. Over a period of months she produced ideas which we discussed and modified. I greatly enjoyed this relationship and found she was always ready to improve and adapt. I greatly appreciated her incisiveness and honesty. I feel she has the creative talent and the people skills to be a highly valued and respected film/tv composer and recommend her without hesitation.

Simon Lewis, Film maker, Forever Her Smile

Music to picture

Creating music is a mysterious process. As a composer I take visuals, colours, pacing and emotions and I turn them into sound. I believe each project calls for its own unique sound-world; that combination of instruments, harmonies, textures and style that reflects and enhances what is already there on screen. The music adds another layer and, like an actor, the way I arrive at understanding what that layer needs to be is through talking to the director about the mood, intent and trajectory of the story and combining that with my own instincts and what I react to on screen. For me arriving at the sound for the score is a completely synergetic process to realise the director's vision.